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Beetlejuice Vinyl Record

Beetlejuice Vinyl Record

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The hand-painted vinyl record is a striking and visually captivating decor piece that pays homage to the iconic characters of Adam and Barbara from the beloved film "Beetlejuice." This unique artwork features an inverted black and white design, with the intricate outlines of Adam and Barbara's figures emphasized in the iconic green color synonymous with the movie. The artist has expertly captured their likeness, ensuring every detail of their expressions and iconic features are intricately portrayed. The contrasting colors create a stunning visual effect, drawing attention to the silhouette of the characters while maintaining a nod to the film's distinct color palette. This hand-painted vinyl record is an ideal addition to any Beetlejuice or movie fan's collection or for anyone looking to infuse their space with a touch of whimsy and nostalgic charm.

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